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"Pure style is my way of life... a blueprint for living in the 21st Century"
The loft above Petticoat Lane
 Living on the fourth floor of a converted print building, we watched the Gherkin sprout and the  daily tide of City workers.   I remember the  sunlight flooding the open plan space as I cooked up breakfast and below, at  street level, the squeal and clatter of  market trolleys.

 We lay a pale wood floor, painted the brickwork white  and hung white roller blinds at the windows. The building`s  lofty proportions allowed generous floor to ceiling storage-  to keep  clutter out of sight.  The whole look was very simple and functional, but also very comfortable
 If I had anything negative to say about the experience it was the nocturnal music choices of our upstairs neighbour. Ditto for the inhabitants below during my childrens` grade 1 piano practice

Photographs: Pia Tryde

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