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"Pure style is my way of life... a blueprint for living in the 21st Century"

 Pure Style is my take on life. It is an attitude, a way of doing things that anyone can embrace without spending lots of money. About creating simple, timeless,  natural interior spaces with a heart. Or being economical without skimping on essential things such as crisp white sheets, and good bread. Simple everyday pleasures are Pure Style, too:  baking a cake, growing beans or giving a new look to a room with a lick of white paint. These all excite me.
Pure Style is test driven at home. Wherever home is, it is my workplace, retreat and inspiration.  In homes past and present: from a  Georgian wreck in Spitalfields, white farmhouse in southern Spain and City loft to my current  South London space with light filled rooms and  roses in the garden. Ongoing, too, are repairs to the house and terraces in a salty seaside Algarve fishing town.

Photograph: Chris Tubbs

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