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"Pure style is my way of life... a blueprint for living in the 21st Century"

Pure Style is my timeless and affordable guide to making the most out of the simple and beautiful pleasures in life and in the home.

From baking a cake and growing beans, to rejuvenating a room with a lick of paint, a brightly coloured blanket, or a revamped junk shop find, Pure Style is practical and creative. It is about making the home and the everyday both beautiful and functional without scrimping on the essentials, like white sheets and a good loaf of bread, or splurging on excess, like this monthís must-have-thing-Iíll-never-use.

It is inspired by my take on life, where making the most of whatís around you and finding beauty in the simple and every day provides an achievable alternative to the stressful demands of consumer society.

As my workplace, retreat and inspiration, wherever it is, my home is the Pure Style blueprint. From a Georgian wreck in Spitalfields, a white farmhouse in southern Spain and an inner-city loft, to my current South London light-filled Victorian space and salty Algarvean fishing town house, find inspiration that can adapt and give any home a bit of Pure Style.

Photograph: Chris Tubbs

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